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“Podcasts from the Printerverse have been an incredible source of promotion for DirectMail2.0. Deborah Corn’s network is very relevant to our product’s niche market. Her flare and genuine approach to bringing truth and facts to the print industry makes for an extremely fun and entertaining Podcast and overall conversation. We have made relevant contacts from the dissemination of the Podcasts and we are very grateful for our valued relationship with Print Media Centr.” ~ Erica Switzer, (former) Vice President, DirectMail2.0

“Deborah Corn asked me to do a podcast with her. It was a packaging design podcast. I am not one to talk on the phone, much less talk on a Zoom for a podcast. But, she made it fun.

I am always shy about speaking about packaging. I have met so many great designers and gurus in the print and packaging field that it feels like I am an imposter when speaking on such matters. Not only when it comes to design, but also to processes involved with the ins and outs of printing.

Deborah is a genuine badass. We got along really well. She is super-friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. She has helped me see my worth from a knowledge standpoint. And, I feel she is going to be a life-long friend. Go give it a listen when you get a chance and give her a follow. ~ Kirk Visola, Creative Director/Founder, Mind the Font

Hello Deborah, I’m new to the printing industry (print finishing specifically) and your podcast has been very educational. Hope you’d like to connect! ~ Colin Flinn, Horizon International

Hi Deborah, I am connected with Adam Peek and watched part of the ‘Delivering the Goods’ podcast. I HAD to find out more about the ‘Intergalactic Ambassador’. You seem like someone I would like to know! Cool hair, cool glasses, cool title, and you did a great job as moderator. ~ Landon Bench

The element of “open conversation” and relationship-building is what makes Project Peacock so special. I think that a hallmark of any Print Media Centr or Printerverse activity is the dynamic interplay between sponsors, media partners, and attendees. Deborah is, I think, the best interviewer in our business and her podcasts are so popular because they are so educational, fun, and interesting. ~ Jack Noonan, (former) Marketing Manager, MGI USA

“I think many of us in the Print industry deal with this issue: I had been so buried with the work right in front of me with no end in sight, it often seems like there’s no time to reflect on where things are headed. I found a great way to catch up on Print industry trends and tips. I had a recent long road trip so I just put on the podcasts from the Printerverse hosted by Deborah Corn! The topics cover a wide range of relevant information and every one was interesting to me. Deborah asks GREAT spot-on questions and each podcast was a nice length- not too long or short. So I highly recommend that you change up your morning commute or your next plane flight or road trip and fill your time listening to the podcasts at Print Media Centr! You’ll be glad you did”  ~Martin Pugh, Marathon Press

“I haven’t been able to join you guys in PrintChat lately, but I’m still an avid fan of the work you do and what you’re bringing to the industry. I listen to your podcasts while driving to and from work, as well as while doing housework. As I was listening to the one where you were talking to Kelly Mallozzi and Bill Farquharson, I realized I need to let you know that what you do matters. It makes a huge impact on those of us in the industry and particularly on those who don’t have the time to attend shows, read trade journals, and stay plugged in 24/7. That said, thank you for all of your hard work in bringing us together, sharing information, and for asking great questions about suppliers. I look forward to seeing you again at PRINT this year!” ~ Aaron Levinson

“You’ll never believe this. But I spent the last 3 days visiting prospects across Austria with one of our channel partners and on the very first day of a 750km road trip he says in an accent that can only be described as retro Schwarzenegger “I like to listen to podcasts…” and you magically appeared through the speakers! It was awesome, we listened to David Zwang, Kevin G from Chili Publish and a few more. Very cool. Cheers! ~Derek Milne