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The Future of Print: From Physical to Digital – an XMPie Conference Series

XMPie is the leading provider of software for cross-media, variable data one-to-one marketing, offering solutions to help businesses create and manage highly visual and engaging print and digital communications – either as singular pieces or as part of an omnichannel campaign.

These 4 sessions are presented as a Podcasts From The Printerverse Conference Series.

CLICK TO LISTEN XMPie Session 1: Personalized Engagement is the Future of Print

David Baldaro, Marketing Operations Manager at XMPie, joins Deborah Corn to discuss the power of personalization, customization and timeliness in a customer journey, and how XMPie empowers the meaningful engagements that make print more valuable in the marketplace.

CLICK TO LISTEN XMPie Session 2: Deliver Results with Meaningful Mail

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at AdobeRobert Mothershead, Senior Analyst of Marketing Strategy and Technologies at the United States Postal Service, and Scott Houck, Director of Business Development for CXM Initiatives at XMPie, join Deborah Corn to discuss how to deliver meaningful direct mail, the steadfast relevance of physical print in a digital world, and how each organization is helping to promote these avenues for their customers.

CLICK TO LISTEN XMPie Session 3: The Box is the New Billboard

Lewis Evans, Product and Sales Manager at Vivid Laminating Technologies, and David Baldaro, Marketing Operations Manager at XMPie, join Deborah Corn to talk about the potential of digitally printed packaging, the messaging and engagement opportunity it presents for marketers and the technologies that enable print business and print customer success.

CLICK TO LISTEN XMPie Session 4: eCommerce Creates Customer Connections

Philip Gaskin, Business Development Channel Manager at XMPieFelix Blackburn, Canadian Sales Engineer at XMPie; John Conroy, Managing Director at Claremon; and Scott Williams, CEO at Rocket, join Deborah Corn to discuss combining print and eCommerce, growing small businesses through online orders, and the impact that the right kind of marketing asset portal can have at your company.